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Magellan Distribution Solutions Specializes in the Wholesale & Export Business

Magellan Distribution Solutions, a division of Navarro Discount Pharmacies, has been in business for over 40 years and our goal is to provide our customers with the latest products at the most competitive pricing.

The company owns and operates a 300,000 square foot facility in Medley, FL stocked with over 30,000 different products of both national and private label brands. Our location allows for easy and fast access to freight forwarders which helps speed up delivery and drive down costs.

The company keeps a ready supply of inventory in stock to ensure that product is always available when our customers need it. Because of our personal service and our intimate knowledge of the local market, Latin America and the Caribbean, Magellan Distribution Solutions is an excellent partner in the export & wholesale arena.

    Our customers can expect to find the following of products available for purchase:

Over the Counter Medications Cosmetics Baby Products
          Ibuprofen           Scissors           Diapers
          Aspirin           Callous Remover           Formulas
          Throat Lozenges           Cuticle Scissors           Baby Powder
          Laxatives           Emery Boards           Baby Wipes
          Cough Medicines           Nail Polish Remover  
          Allergy Medicines           Cosmetic Pads  
          Vitamins & Supplements    
Household Health & Beauty

Other Products



          Sanitary Napkins

          Laundry Detergent and Softeners




          Nail Polish



          Body Lotions/Wash

          Photography Needs

          Oven Cleaners

          Hair Gel

          Paper Products
          Carpet Cleaners                      Toys
          Coffee Makers        


Magellan Distribution Solutions has reliable automated systems in place and a distribution process that is fully automated from order receipt through final delivery. Our systems are accurate and reliable and allow for speedy and efficient delivery. Each shipment that arrives is logged into the supply chain system’s software. While Magellan Distribution Solutions maintains inventory on hand, it is keenly aware that the longer the product sits the more expensive it becomes. Magellan Distribution Solutions strives to efficiently time product replenishments to help keep cost in line.


Magellan Distribution Solutions uses the latest automation software to track inventory. The software is responsible for order fulfillment and product shipment. At all times, the software can inform managers of the types and quantities of products in inventory. The software can pinpoint the exact location of a product in the warehouse to aid in its efficient retrieval. As a result, Magellan Distribution Solutions can provide its customers with real time status of their orders.

The software also manages the supply side of Magellan Distribution Solutions. The inventory management application is capable of forecasting demand that helps managers know how much product to order at any given time. Simulation tools are available to assist not only with demand forecasting but also inventory management and other related workflow issues. Our automated systems and processes reduce errors and help control costs.


Magellan Distribution Solutions is able to keep the consumer's prices low by:

1) Bulk Purchases 3) Inventory Management  
2) Automation 4) Product Mix  

Magellan Distribution Solutions forms a collaborative relationship with its suppliers to assist in the sales process. Maintaining competitive prices is in the best interest of both Magellan Distribution Solutions and their suppliers. Automated pricing prevents potential errors that could increase costs. Software is utilized to assist in negotiating prices with suppliers, set prices for the consumer, determine promotional prices and produce specific vendor quotes.

National and Private Label Brands

Private label brands are products or services manufactured by one company for offer under another company's brand. Many companies use private labels in most product categories. Private labels are typically offered at a lower cost than national brands. Some companies use their private label brands to compete with existing name brands.

Private label manufacturers provide products when there is excess plant capacity. Small manufacturers that specialize in specific product brands also produce private label brands. Major retailers and wholesalers that own their own plants also provide these types of products. In most cases, these products are of the same quality and utilize the same manufacturing process as the name brand products.

Magellan Distribution Solutions has over 1,600 Sku's of Premier Value & Vida Mia private lable brands. These products represent some of our best sellers because of their reliability and cost.

Magellan Distribution Solutions maintains both national and private label brands and as such provides a greater selection of products for its customers. Magellan Distribution Solutions strives to provide quality products at competitive prices and is constantly seeking ways to keep costs low. Competitive pricing, wide selection, excellent customer service are just some of the ways that Magellan Distribution Solutions works to maintain consumer loyalty.